Armand Tatossian’s Life And Achievements

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When we talk about some of the finest artists in the contemporary world, there is no doubt that the name of Armand Tatossian will always come to our mind. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt in the year 1948. He was born with innate skills as an artist and therefore he started his journey to artist stardom as early as 1965 when he was just around seventeen years old. He has seen many successful journeys in his life. Hence, it would be interesting to put down in writing some important points as far as Armand Tatossian’s life and achievements are concerned.

What Makes Him Special

All famous artists of the world have something special and unique about them and the same is the case with Armand Tattossian. He has earned name and fame for just recording on pen and paper whatever he sees around him. It would be pertinent to mention that he has spent a significant part of his life in Montreal. He is one of those rare painters who believed in painting life as it is. Another great thing about him is that he believed in completing his paint and artwork from his studio in Montreal.

Some Milestones In His Life

When we talk about Armand Tatossian’s artwork, there are a few things which we cannot ignore. He was the youngest member to become a proud member of the Royal Canadian Academy. He became its member in the year 1973 when he was just 25 years old. His works across the board are considered fascinating and brilliant. The list is quite big and it would simply not possible to list down each one of them. Even today his painting of Montebello in Quebec still continues to reverberate in the minds of thousands of painting and art lovers. The offbeat shades combine majestically with the brilliant sunlight, architecture and the background around which it has been painted.

He Says He Was Born With It

Armand Tatossian has a modest and soft way of describing his art and the works which have emanated from his mind and flown into his fingers. He says that he was born with this wonderful technique and that he has ensured that it has grown with time. He believes that drawing is one of the most important facets in his life and that he has been drawing almost his entire life. He also states that his effort has been to bring out the poet in him through his artwork. It would not be an exaggeration to mention that he has been successful in his effort quite a bit.

His Teachers Have Good Things To Say About Him

His early teachers believe that he had a well-developed sense of craftsmanship. He spent his early years with Jose Majzner who was a Serbian Sculptor and he also had the distinction of working with Adam Sheriff-Scott who was a well known and popular muralist and portraitist. Hence at the end of the day, there is no doubt that the journey of Armand Tatossian has been quite eventful and he has won the admiration of friends and critics alike. Leran more about Armand Tatossian.